Web & App Development

We build state of the art Apps & responsive websites for all needs; E-commerce, Business et cetera.

Digital Marketing

What sets us apart is our complete focus on RESULTS. We are dedicated to finding what makes your potential clients want to interact with your website and/or App.

Friendly support

We don't just deliver, we will hold your hand to ease transition. We build and teach you to manage it.



At CREO Solutions (CREO SOLUTIONS & SERVICES LTD) we believe that through Technology, the Internet and the media, power can be harnessed and with the right approach lives can be improved.


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Skill set

Evolution & Growth

Concept of skill and mastery

We are a one stop shop for your organization; building a website for your brand, developing software to automate your processes, providing online branding advice and online publicity (Digital Marketing).

We are always thinking, strategizing and looking for the next big revolutionary idea and subsequently the next revolutionary innovation or invention.

Web Development
App Development
Managing, SEO and Digital Marketing

Planning The Project

It's very important to us to properly understand what our client wants. We will sit down with you and do our best to get a very clear picture of what you want. Once we understand your vision we set out to gather requirements, and then provide you with an estimate (delivery time et cetera)

Idea Generating

Our team spend time creating, developing, and communicating ideas which are abstract, concrete, or visual. The process includes the process of constructing through the idea, innovating the concept, developing the process, and bringing the concept to reality. We are always thinking, strategizing and looking for the next big revolutionary idea and subsequently the next revolutionary innovation or invention.

Realizing the Concept

We are a process oriented organization. We make use of sound business methodologies to ensure prompt and high quality delivery from simple help-desk tasks to complex multi-vendor projects with strict time frames.

Fine-tuning the Product

Time continues to evolve, the world continues to advance and CREO continues to move with the times. We are constantly getting new knowledge, updating and improving our solutions.

Marketing & Social Media

When we handle your Digital Marketing you can be rest assured we are targeting the right people. We guarantee numbers in terms of traffic to your website, grow your Mobile App downloads and Installs, perform SEO and ASO for your websites and Apps (respectively). We can grow and manage your social media pages, having an understanding of your aim.

Other Precisions

At CREO, we believe strongly in partnerships. We would be happy to hear your idea and partner with you in any way we can to bring your vision to pass. Our customer list includes companies of all sizes, ranging from start-ups to large enterprises. Our clients have in common their awareness that they need a professional internet, web, software or creative solution to generate revenue streams, establish communication channels or streamline business operations.

Planning the Project
Idea Generating
Tweek & update




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